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Preparing for the brightest future, Think Outside the Box Company provides unparalleled dedication and commitment to students and their variety of needs, passions and dreams. Explore our website to learn more about us.



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Our teachers don’t just teach. They get to know your child, providing the positive reinforcement that leads to success. Our educators turn frustration into confidence and dreamers into life-long achievers.


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A child’s future depends on a solid education and a love of learning. We teach your child how to learn, so he or she builds the confidence and skills to be successful in school and beyond. No two students are exactly alike. That’s why we offer diverse programs and a personal approach to make sure your child is learning in a way that works best for him or her — at the right pace, in the right style, with the right skills.

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Think Outside the Box Company impact in the lives of low-income children by providing them with educational opportunities and resources.This program is designed to help improve students reading and comprehension. To learn more please feel free to click the Learn More button.

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“He who opens a educational door, closes a prison door at the same time ”

Justin Jackson 



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